Clues! 100 Floors World USA 1-10

It’s nice to be back. The following are not walk-throughs but are just clues and hints to help you solve the 100 Floors puzzles.

Here is another set of clues and hints for 100 Floors World USA floors 1-10. This game never fails to keep me on my toes. I’ll be adding the next batches (other countries)  in succeeding posts.

Hope these help. Enjoy! 🙂

USA Floor 1          USA Floor 2

Clues for Floor 1                                         Clues for Floor 2

USA Floor 3          USA Floor 4

Clues for Floor 3                                         Clues for Floor 4

USA Floor 5           USA Floor 6

Clues for Floor 5                                         Clues for Floor 6

USA Floor 7           USA Floor 8

Clues for Floor 7                                         Clues for Floor 8

USA Floor 9           USA Floor 10

Clues for Floor 9                                         Clues for Floor 10


Rules are Good Until They Apply to Me


Like most of us, I don’t exactly find thrill in falling into long lines just to pay for something. A feeling of unproductivity creeps up whenever I get stuck in this endeavor. But unfortunately, I had to one day. I needed to pay my credit card bill and found myself in a bank with a spiraled, long queue of people waiting for their turn. Normally, this site would cause to me to balk and consider another time or place. But it was my due date and thought the sacrifice of waiting in line that day would pale in comparison to the sting of paying the late charges.

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Is Your Wallet Ready for an Emergency?


They say that the most effective way to fend off emergencies is PREPARATION.

Emergencies can range from acquiring some bruises during a bike ride, to being unable to work for the entire month due to sickness, or to a sudden death of the family’s breadwinner. Their extent and gravity are so varying that predictability is practically impossible.  Fortunately, there are ways to prepare us and our loved ones against the negative effects of these untoward incidents.


One of the most valuable ways is to prepare ourselves financially. Experts call this as the setting up of an EMERGENCY FUND.  This fund is where you draw financial resources during emergencies or any unexpected, necessary expenses.  It constitutes the most fundamental aspect of money management. In fact, this should be the very FIRST thing everyone must saving for, NO EXCEPTIONS.


The first and most crucial step to setup an emergency fund is to determine MONTHLY EXPENSES. Here, the calculated monthly expenses should be representative or at least reflective of your actual. It is suggested that you take a number of samples, say 3 months and take the average. To give you a jump start, I have included the following guide list for most types of regular expenses:


This is, of course, not exhaustive and feel free to add accordingly or filter only the ones applicable to you.

Once you have a monthly total, multiply that value by a certain FACTOR to determine the TOTAL EMERGENCY FUND you need to put up. The factor varies across different financial advisers. Suze Orman, a renowned financial guru, for one, recommends a factor of 8, corresponding to 8 months. Francisco Colayco, a Filipino financial expert, on the other hand, suggests the factor 6 (months).  The rationale for this factor is to give some lee way and margin of safety such that ‘normal’ life could continue after an emergency. This also gives ample time for proper reactions and adjustments to problematic incidents (e.g. A person laid off would be given 6-8 months to find a new job).

Let’s say we followed Suze and employed the factor 8. For example, your computed total monthly expense is Php40,000 ($1,000).  Simple multiplication tells us that an amount of Php40,000 x 8 = Php320,000 ($8,000) should be put aside for your emergency fund. This means that your saving efforts must be primarily focused into building and maintaining this fund. Otherwise, you could be in deep trouble when an emergency strikes.

Given the unpredictable nature of emergencies, liquidity (availability) of emergency funds should be well-preserved. As such, these funds are normally stored in normal bank deposit accounts with no or little withdrawal constraints.


After you established the recommended emergency fund amount, that’s the only time you can venture into the different vehicles of INVESTING. Some of which include Term Deposits, Government Bonds, Mutual Funds, and the Stock Market. Putting up a business could also be in order for some. The point to remember is to keep the value of your money growing with the goal of earning passive income to possibly sustain you and others in the future.

I hope these information prove to be urgent and helpful at the same time. Happy saving and investing. 🙂

>> God is good all the time. 🙂

CLUES! 100 Floors Christmas Season Tower Floors 1-15

This is so late. But nevertheless, here are some clues for the 100 Floors Christmas Season Tower 1-15.  Hope they can still help. Enjoy! : )

floor1            floor2

Clues for Christmas Season Floor 1                 Clues for Christmas Season Floor 2

floor3            floor4

Clues for Christmas Season Floor 3                 Clues for Christmas Season Floor 4

floor5            floor6

Clues for Christmas Season Floor 5                 Clues for Christmas Season Floor 6

floor7            floor8

Clues for Christmas Season Floor 7                 Clues for Christmas Season Floor 8

floor9            floor10
Clues for Christmas Season Floor 9                 Clues for Christmas Season Floor 10

floor11            floor12

Clues for Christmas Season Floor 11                 Clues for Christmas Season Floor 12

floor13            floor14

Clues for Christmas Season Floor 13                 Clues for Christmas Season Floor 14


Clues for Christmas Season Floor 15

100 Floors: Seasons Tower Floors 11-15 Clues and Hints

Another batch of clues and hints for 100 Floors Seasons Tower. This post features Seasons Tower Floors 11-15. 🙂


Clues for Seasons Tower Floor 11                   Clues for Seasons Tower Floor 12


Clues for Seasons Tower Floor 13                   Clues for Seasons Tower Floor 14

Clues for Seasons Tower Floor 15

100 Floors: Seasons Tower Floors 1-10 Clues

I’ve been quite busy the past weeks and was not able to finish the additional updates of 100 Floors until now.  The update featured yet another building dubbed as the Seasons Tower (ST). It has 15 floors so far with theme and graphics related to the Halloween season. 🙂

Still very challenging and thought-provoking.

Here are some clues for Season Tower Floors 1-10. Enjoy. 🙂


Clues for ST Floor 1                                              Clues for ST Floor 2


Clues for ST Floor 3                                              Clues for ST Floor 4


Clues for ST Floor 5                                              Clues for ST Floor 6


Clues for ST Floor 7                                              Clues for ST Floor 8


Clues for ST Floor 9                                              Clues for ST Floor 10

‘The Curse’ App by Toy Studio Media Corporation

Another great puzzle-solving app – The Curse by Toy Studio Media Corporation. This one’s both available for iOS ($2.99) and Android (Php41.22) devices.


I started playing it a few days ago and upon first glance, I already found it interesting and challenging. Each level is categorized into different types of puzzles such as Tangrams, Riddles, Slide the Blocks, Hamiltonian, etc. The levels are also designated as easy, medium, and hard. Hints are also available through In-app purchasing.

Since you could skip through the levels, I went on to browse through some of the relatively easier levels first. I do intend to complete all the levels though and will share some clues and hints as I figure them out. 🙂