Pesto Cheese Roll with Garlic Cream Dip

This all started as a Sunday treat at home. My sisters and I were thinking of serving and trying something new in celebration of what I believe is the most important event in the Christian faith – Easter.

From that hearty and memorable meal we shared, a friend and I decided to have people taste-test it. And I think I can consider it a great hit as we have gotten quite a number of orders since then. 🙂

So here it is. Introducing…Pesto Cheese Roll with Garlic Cream Dip! 🙂

Home-blended pesto with a nutty flavor and soft cheese all wrapped into a crispy, tasty roll.

Add to that, is an original garlic cream dip concoction – a perfect compliment to the sharp tang of the pesto and subtle taste of the cheese.

This combination is great for breakfast and snacks. It’s also ideal for cocktails and parties. I have been getting reports though that it’s also very good with pasta and rice. 🙂

Interested parties, please feel free to contact the following:

warren: +63917 901 07 98

ben: +63927 697 33 47

We do welcome distributors and retailers. 🙂

NEW FLAVOR to be available soon: Herbed Pepperoni Cheese Roll 🙂


ITA: 04 July 2012 | Correction


Market got off to a very hot start only to see her gains melt near midday. PSEi closed in the red losing almost 11 pts. At this juncture, this is nothing but a welcome and necessary halt/correction to the bull run we have been witnessing over the entire week. This could all change though if this selling pressure continues to the rest of the week.

I have already liquidated some of my positions with quite decent gains (at least for me). 🙂

Position Ave. Entry Exit % Change Days Held
MER 248 267.8 7.98 23
EEI 6.30 6.49 3.02 34

ITA: 03 July 2012 | PSEi Goes All-Time High

All time high!

No stopping PSEi today from trodding to new and unchartered heights. The Philippine stock market index gained another 65 pts. (1.24%) to close at an all time high of 5,365.70. Value turnover was good at 6.76B.

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Unveiling Google Glass ‘Explorer Edition’

Google has got the world watching with great anticipation once again.

A few months ago, Google released a video about their latest product called Google Glass. It’s an augmented reality glasses designed to introduce new ways of interaction between the real and digital world. The video shows how one could interact with Google Glass on a typical day. However, it didn’t show an actual prototype of the device. To watch this video, click here.

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