Clues! 100 Floors World USA 1-10

It’s nice to be back. The following are not walk-throughs but are just clues and hints to help you solve the 100 Floors puzzles.

Here is another set of clues and hints for 100 Floors World USA floors 1-10. This game never fails to keep me on my toes. I’ll be adding the next batches (other countries)  in succeeding posts.

Hope these help. Enjoy! 🙂

USA Floor 1          USA Floor 2

Clues for Floor 1                                         Clues for Floor 2

USA Floor 3          USA Floor 4

Clues for Floor 3                                         Clues for Floor 4

USA Floor 5           USA Floor 6

Clues for Floor 5                                         Clues for Floor 6

USA Floor 7           USA Floor 8

Clues for Floor 7                                         Clues for Floor 8

USA Floor 9           USA Floor 10

Clues for Floor 9                                         Clues for Floor 10

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