100 Floors: Seasons Tower Floors 1-10 Clues

I’ve been quite busy the past weeks and was not able to finish the additional updates of 100 Floors until now.  The update featured yet another building dubbed as the Seasons Tower (ST). It has 15 floors so far with theme and graphics related to the Halloween season. 🙂

Still very challenging and thought-provoking.

Here are some clues for Season Tower Floors 1-10. Enjoy. 🙂


Clues for ST Floor 1                                              Clues for ST Floor 2


Clues for ST Floor 3                                              Clues for ST Floor 4


Clues for ST Floor 5                                              Clues for ST Floor 6


Clues for ST Floor 7                                              Clues for ST Floor 8


Clues for ST Floor 9                                              Clues for ST Floor 10


10 responses to “100 Floors: Seasons Tower Floors 1-10 Clues

  1. Clues for Seasons Tower 6:
    1) There is a missing link somewhere. Better find that first.
    2) Make sure all black path lights up.
    3) Yes, those four figures can help light it up.

  2. Clues for Seasons Tower Floor 9:
    1) That’s 3 bats on the left, 2 bats on the right.
    2) Press the correct number of times, then swipe vertically. Hopefully, the lock opens.

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