100 Floors Update: Floors 81-90 Now Available!

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I know this is not hot-off-the-oven news. But, nevertheless, its here – additional 10 floors (levels 81-90).  🙂

I had a far harder time solving these 10 floors. And I think it’s more of the frustration which kept me from solving some the levels. I am particularly not very pleased with how some of the levels needed greater dexterity than logical reasoning and analysis. And for someone having big, fat fingers, this imposed an irritating challenge. 🙂

Nevertheless, it’s still a nice feeling solving until floor 90. And as previous, I feature the floors which extended my patience. 🙂

  Clues for Floor 82, click here.

  Clues for Floor 84, click here.

  Clues for Floor 86, click here.

  Clues for Floor 89, click here.