SeeWhatIC App: Clues and Hints Set 1

I was searching the net for good puzzle-solving apps, and then I found this… SeeWhatIC.  🙂

It’s one of those good and challenging puzzle games which uses pictures and images as the center of the game. For each level, the game loads an image depicting a common phrase, expression, or idiom. The goal is to guess the phrase the image is portraying. A jumbled set of letters at the bottom serves as the pool of letters you can use. Not all of those letters though will be used to solve the expression. This, for me, makes this game much harder.

The app offers extra clue/help in the form of what they call coins and flashes. Coins can be used to skip a certain level (but without revealing the answer) while flashes eliminates letters that are not useful. These though come in limited numbers but are available at a cost through In-App purchasing. I believe you could also upload your own images which could be added as a puzzle in the game. 🙂

I didn’t realized that I’ve solved quite a number already until I decided to share some of the images here. So for those of you who got stuck along the way, here are clues and hints to some of the images in SeeWhatIC.

Since there are no level labels, you need to look through the images and find your match. 🙂

   D_ _    _I_ED   🙂

   Also known as “firemen”. 🙂

   _A_E   F_ _E

   The second word is P_T_H.

    This is just plain wrong..the direction that is. 🙂

More SeeWhatIC images >>


2 responses to “SeeWhatIC App: Clues and Hints Set 1

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  2. Hello warinski

    I have an app which I am trying to fund via Kickstarter called Picture Clues. I was wondering maybe you could check out and let me know what you think .

    Its a simple puzzle like game for your smartphone. It requires creativity and a little general knowledge. The aim of the game is to identify a coded word using the picture clues. The pictures, which are revealed one at a time, are linked directly or indirectly to the Code Word. How they are linked varies significantly. Some are straight forward references while others require more imagination.

    I have put up a video on my KickStarter page where you can play along and get a proper feel of the game. I would be grateful if you could check it out and give me your feedback.

    Here’s the Link


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