Extreme Couponing…Amazing!

Saw this TV show on TLC one time and it caught my attention right away! It’s called Extreme Couponing and I should say a very apt name for the show.

It features people collecting, organizing, hoarding, and using grocery coupons to save up to 100% of their grocery bills. Yup, that’s right, 100%, with some ending up just paying a penny for groceries worth $500! 🙂

The folks I’ve seen so far spends more than the normal 40 hour work week planning and scouting for deals. One of them has a week’s schedule involving 60 hours of full-packed couponing-related activities. These include gathering of newspapers (even in dumpsters), sorting of coupons into binders, checking websites for deals, planning what to buy, etc. Talk about manufacturing a career for yourself.

It sure pays off as they do get great steals. They do have to buy things which are not their preference in order to be successful though. Not to mention, having to store huge amount of food for an extended period of time.

I’m sure most of them resells this at a bargain which should be the main source of the income doing this, while others donate as well.

I just have to mention that aside from all these, I should say that I’m impressed with how tightly interlinked the inventory and couponing systems are, which actually is the ultimate reason why all these are even possible.

Here’s the first ever episode of Extreme Couponing. Watch and be amazed. 🙂


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