Good and Effective Rechargeable Lamp

I got this as a present last month and immediately saw its unique design. It’s a rechargeable lamp from Kyowa. Model is KW-9142.


Definitely a must-have especially in this time of the year. I have been seeing this in action the past days with the intermittent supply of power due to the weather not to mention some issues we had with our circuit breaker at home.

Nothing out of this world with this lamp, but serves its purposes very well. It has a three-way switch to control the side and front lights.  And as any good and effective lamp, it boasts of very bright light powered by lots of ultra-bright white LEDs. The use of such enables less energy consumption and longer, effective lighting.


I particularly like the ergonomics of the design. It can be used as the average tabletop lamp but it also feels like the normal portable flashlight. And without the heavy, bulky batteries, it is much lighter and easier to carry.

I would suggest though to keep the charging port dry by plugging in a piece of rubber or the like especially during emergencies that you need to carry it outside.

I got hold of the product’s supplier and in case interested, you could contact the following:

iDigital Co.
Telephone Nos: 02-455-7794

Cellphone Nos:  0917-901-0798

Keep safe and God bless everyone.

God is good all the time 🙂


One response to “Good and Effective Rechargeable Lamp

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