Pesto Cheese Roll with Garlic Cream Dip

This all started as a Sunday treat at home. My sisters and I were thinking of serving and trying something new in celebration of what I believe is the most important event in the Christian faith – Easter.

From that hearty and memorable meal we shared, a friend and I decided to have people taste-test it. And I think I can consider it a great hit as we have gotten quite a number of orders since then. 🙂

So here it is. Introducing…Pesto Cheese Roll with Garlic Cream Dip! 🙂

Home-blended pesto with a nutty flavor and soft cheese all wrapped into a crispy, tasty roll.

Add to that, is an original garlic cream dip concoction – a perfect compliment to the sharp tang of the pesto and subtle taste of the cheese.

This combination is great for breakfast and snacks. It’s also ideal for cocktails and parties. I have been getting reports though that it’s also very good with pasta and rice. 🙂

Interested parties, please feel free to contact the following:

warren: +63917 901 07 98

ben: +63927 697 33 47

We do welcome distributors and retailers. 🙂

NEW FLAVOR to be available soon: Herbed Pepperoni Cheese Roll 🙂


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