Unveiling Google Glass ‘Explorer Edition’

Google has got the world watching with great anticipation once again.

A few months ago, Google released a video about their latest product called Google Glass. It’s an augmented reality glasses designed to introduce new ways of interaction between the real and digital world. The video shows how one could interact with Google Glass on a typical day. However, it didn’t show an actual prototype of the device. To watch this video, click here.

But last June 27, 2012, Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin finally unveiled the Google Glass ‘Explorer Edition’.

From what the video suggests, with Google Glass, you could do things such as Google+ Hangouts (could also mean live video streaming), take pictures, record movies, and share them.

While I’m sure Google has still a lot up her sleeves, I was not totally blown away by the initial product (because of its so-far unveiled features), or at least with the live demonstration. I was pleasantly surprised though with how small and light it is. And as I try to put things in perspective, the impact Google foresees for this device could only come to fruition once cloud technology becomes the default choice of people to manage and store their data.

The product is so far available only to conference attendees on a pre-order basis at 1500USD (WOW!). It is expected to hit the market by 2014 (quite a long wait to go).

Here are the demo videos of Google Glass held during the Google I/O Conference last June 27 in San Francisco.


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