ITA: 31 May 2012 | 3:20PM

3:20 PM!

PSEi and I, for that matter, were once again left dizzy with all the violent swings in the market today. Trading opened well in the red losing as much as 67 points only to close gaining 72 points. Talk about a roller coaster ride! The sell-off in the morning was still due to mounting European worries while the buying spree in the afternoon was attributed to better than expected Philippine GDP growth. Go Philippines! 🙂

As such, whipsaws were all over the place. Good thing, I relegated myself as a spectator today as I’ve done most of my shopping the past days.

Was particularly surprised by the big and instant run-ups of the following issues right at the onset of run-off period (3:20 PM).

Issue Last Price before Run-off Instantly Jumped To
ICT 72 77.0
BDO 67.40 70.50
URC 61.5 65.0
MPI 4.15 4.30
SCC 225 230

I continue to hold MPI, EEI, and SCC.

Position Ave. Entry Last % Change Days Held
MPI 4.03 4.30 6.70 9
EEI 6.30 6.37 1.11 1
SCC 231 230 -0.69 1

Taking a close look at DMC which rallied strong off its low of 56.0.

US markets opened flat.

>> God is good all the time 🙂


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