ITA: 29 May 2012 | Awakening the Bulls

Awakening the bulls.

The battle for market supremacy seemed to have been re-engaged yet again. And the bulls gained the upper hand, at least today.

PSEi was up 70 points and more importantly breached the 5000 mark. This was on better, but still, that not impressive volume. Still, a lot of issues were on the move to the upside. Among the noteworthy stocks were AC (+6.00%) and SCC (+4.50%).

Was a bit disappointed with SCC as I wasn’t able to join the ride. Got a bit stingy with this as my bid at 221.8 was not matched. Nevertheless, I’m still looking to enter positions at current level (232).

Entered new positions in EEI.

Position Ave. Entry Last % Change Days Held
EEI 6.30 6.30 0.00 1

Also, I’m looking closely at URC as a buy at current levels of 61.

On other matters, today marked a historic, and I believe, a once in a lifetime event in the Philippine justice system. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was convicted of charges filed against him in the impeachment court. As a Filipino, I’m deeply relieved to have witnessed a decision finally rendered regardless of its sympathy. The verdict’s effects and repercussions can’t, of course, be fully described as of yet. Nevertheless, I do sincerely hope, that in as much as we have learned about the impeachment process and all its technical intricacies, we also reflect on the underlying lessons and expectations from all of us. These are respect, truth, and accountability.

>> God is good all the time đŸ™‚


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