If I am a Businessman…


Who exactly is a businessman? Or how do you qualify the definition of the word? Well, an honest to goodness answer to these questions is – a man who does business – the type and kind being myriad and nature varying. 🙂 For this case though, I’ll go ahead and qualify the ‘businessman’ I’m referring to.

Well, he generates income through trade of product or services. The main and, most of the time, the only difference between a normal employee and him is that the ‘businessman’ owns the system with which the products or services are traded. This constitutes the essence of my qualification of being a ‘businessman’.

With such, I, then, have to agree that, to some minute extent, I am a businessman. But I should say I dream of becoming a bigger and better one in the future. And while this dream is still in process, minus all the hype and dilemma, I thought it’ll be wise to note some guide points as reminder for me if and when I become this ‘businessman’.

  1. I go into business because I feel I have something to offer that’s beneficial to my target market.
  2. I pay the appropriate taxes after exhausting all deductions and exemptions permissible by law.
  3. I give extra special treatment to clients, but that doesn’t mean they are always right.
  4. I pay attention to the little and seemingly trivial things.
  5. I treat my employees as integral parts of my investment in the business.
  6. I value my employees not just by words, but by acts of generosity and open-mindedness.
  7. I include the question, “Why do you respect your boss” in the employees’ evaluation form. Hopefully, answers like “I don’t” or “I do?” do not come out. 🙂
  8. I share my belief system to my employees.
  9. I do not compromise my belief system for monetary gains.
  10. I acknowledge God as the sole source of all talents, strength, and wisdom.

>> God is good all the time 🙂


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