ITA: 23 May 2012 | Weak


Market solidified its bearish sentiments today as it loses another 30 points. Volume was once again thin as investors seem to wait for reasons to buy or sell. This is where patience becomes a trader’s virtue.

FPH had a great run coupled with abnormally huge volume. Not sure what’s with this though. MAKE pulled off an impressive comeback from its early losses to close at 35.3, still gaining 6.68%. This stock has gained almost 24% the past 4 days despite prevailing conditions. Wow!

Will continue to preserve liquidity and observe proceedings.

Still holding MPI, SECB, and ROCK.

US markets are sharply down as of this writing. Also, as of this time, Spain IBEX is down more than 3% (ouch).

Am looking forward for more drag or, even worse, carnage tomorrow. But let’s see, who knows, our market might pull off one of those ‘don’t care about DOW’ trading days.

>> God is good all the time 🙂


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