ITA: 21 May 2012 | Came Short of 5k

Came short of 5k.

Market continues its roller coaster ride today showing strength on all sectors. Our market decided to just shrug off another negative session on Wall Street last Friday. Value turnover at Php4.39B was not that impressive though.

Made some money today with MPI. 🙂  Stock looked strong going as high as 4.15 but bizarrely closed back down at 4.02. I’m looking at another possible run up tomorrow particularly if market sentiments continue as today. Let’s see if we can ride the waves of this stock again.

Position Ave. Entry Exit % Change Days Held
MPI 3.93 4.15 5.60 4

Still holding SECB and ROCK as of the moment.

Position Ave. Entry Last % Change Days Held
SECB 126 127.5 1.19 6
Position Ave. Entry Last % Change Days Held
ROCK 3.5 3.7 5.71 3

DMC continues its descent and is now approaching its 50 day SMA. Stock is also nearing oversold conditions. Looking at a DMC rebound soon.

US market futures are positive as of this writing, while FB’s psychological support (IPO price) has been breached as of pre-market trade.

>> God is good all the time 🙂


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