ITA: 11 May 2012 | Why Am I Even Doing This?

Why am I even doing this?

This kind of trading day makes me wonder why I even involve myself in the ever fickle stock market. The day started off decent with the market rather comfortably in the green. Then the reversal started to happen after midday. Selling pressures were great as the market eventually closed well in the red zone, down almost 34 points at 5158.14.

What happened exactly? To be honest, I’m tired and frustrated to even know. But for sure, a lot of it still had to do with the continued concerns in the Eurozone, Greece in particular, and the US markets.

As such, most of my stops were hit, even that of MEG. I was already pretty confident that 2.18 will hold that I even added some position at 2.17. But then selling pressures became evident, pulling the stock to its closing price at 2.13. Is this the start of profit taking already?

Position Ave. Entry Exit % Change Days Held
MEG 1.93 2.15 11.40 28

>> God is good all the time 🙂


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